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Adjara Group

Adjara Group

In 2010, Adjara Group entered the Georgian hospitality sector by introducing and managing the first local Holiday Inn franchise, which successfully pushed the design and concept boundaries for the international brand.


In 2012 Adjara Group converted an abandoned Soviet-era sanatorium in the mountainous region of Kazbegi into what quickly became the first Georgian lifestyle brand of Rooms Hotels. It has since gained global recognition and praise for its unparalleled location, architecture and design.

Two years later in 2014 a historic publishing house would become the second Rooms Hotel, this time in the heart of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. The design concept of the hotel combines brutalist chic architecture with elements of contemporary décor.


In 2016, a former Soviet sewing factory was revived and transformed into a colorful hostel, bringing together young travellers and art enthusiasts as well as a diverse community of boutiques and local eateries.


Stamba hotel is an indulgent luxury addition to the group and is located in a separate wing of the same former publishing house building as Rooms Hotel Tbilisi. In 2018 the hotel opened its doors offering unparalleled amenities including a rooftop swimming pool, boutique chocolate and coffee manufacturing.

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Assistant to Farm Manager - Sagarejo Located in a region of Georgia Project Udabno 28 August 27 September
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