Jobs.GE is all about job, education and funding opportunities in Georgia. Launched as a non-profit job search project in 1998, it evolved into the most successful online business in Georgia, with its website rated as one of the most popular nationwide. Jobs.GE integrates the largest opt-in mailing list in Georgia, making the entire service the most efficient and functional distribution channel on the local market.

Since 1998, weve been privileged to work with major employers based in Georgia, connecting them with the right target audience. Throughout this period, weve accumulated the experience and knowledge that has served as a major basis for our success. All of these, combined with the special treatment that we give to our clients and users, have kept Jobs.GE the service of choice among the employment community.

Today, Jobs.GE boasts tens of thousands of users and thousands of clients.

To learn about the services that we offer, please visit the Services section of this website.

Thank you for your visit, and hope to see you among our clients.

Lexo Khubulava
Founder & Director

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