Grants Competition
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Ad title: Grants Competition
Provided By: Women`s Fund in Georgia
Published: 21 May / Deadline: 15 June
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PWomen`s Fund in Georgia (WFG) is pleased to announce the grants competition on "Protection of Women`s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights", financially supported by RFSU.

The grants competition aims to support the initiatives that are targeted towards empowering women, raising their awareness and capacity building regarding the SRHR. In addition, grants competition aims to change existing attitudes, policies and practices in regards to SRHR, and protect women human rights defenders working on women`s reproductive health and sexual rights and strengthening their networking.

The Women`s Fund in Georgia welcomes initiatives oriented towards social changes in the light of SRHR*.

Grants competition priority directions are:

** Empowering women and girls, supporting networking with their direct involvement and leadership;
** Increasing access to reproductive health services/raising awareness/producing and spreading knowledge for women and girls;
** Advocacy/lobbying (including budget advocacy), conducting advocacy campaigns including different interested parties (parents, guardians, sexual partners, social workers, police workers, etc);
** Conducting researches on women`s SRHR;
** Sensitizing the decision-makers on SRHS issues; ensuring the networking with decision-makers and service-providers;
** Strengthening societal/community monitoring and reporting systems (including budget monitoring);

Thematic directions can include, but are not limited to the following:

** Access to the comprehensive sexual education;
** Access to stigma-free information and services regarding contraception (including emergency contraception);
** Access to stigma-free information and services regarding abortion;
** Sexually Transmitted Infections` (STI) prevention and treatment;
** Prevention of sexual and gender-based violence and further response;
** Revealing, documentation and response to the facts of violation of sexual and reproductive rights and discrimination of girls and women;
** Protecting the reproductive/sexual rights of those women`s groups that experience multiple forms of discrimination;

Groups eligible to participate in the grants competition "Protection of Women`s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) " are:

** Locally registered women`s non-governmental organizations
** Organizations working on women`s issues which are led by women
** Women`s organizations, whose organizational budget is smaller than WFG`s
** Women`s organizations both from the regions and the capital (as well as regional or international organizations that are established and operating in Georgia)

Within this competition, priorities will be given to women`s organizations from the regions.

The grant amount is 30 000 GEL. The maximum length of the project should not exceed 10 months.

The deadline for proposal submission is June 15. The final decision regarding the award will be announced by the end of June.

Proposals can be submitted by e-mail:


We wish you good luck!

*Highlighting awareness on women`s sexual freedom and self-expression, including sexual pleasure beyond the heteronormative framework, informed consent;

Eliminating the existing mal-practices which violate sexual and reproductive rights and negatively influence the life cycle of a woman (considering all the ages), as well as different opportunities to avoid or mitigate them;

Women`s informed choice and the ability to make appropriate decisions in the environment which is free of oppression and violence.
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