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Pharmaceutical company Aversi was founded in 1994. The scale of the company got bigger and bigger. Today its network of drug stores unifies more than 210 objects. Though the Company`s field of activities is not limited by that - a pharmaceutical enterprise Aversi-Rational has been founded, a large-scale project has been launched - building the network of Aversi clinics. The first international level clinic has already been built in Marneuli. At every step, Aversi strives to take a better care of our population, so it is no surprise that the Company is duly qualified by the society as charitable. Supporting and helping socially undefended people that is what Aversi does willingly.

What Aversi cares about most is the health of general public. The name of Aversi is positively associated with quality, reliability and stability.

For full information, please visit: http://www.aversi.ge
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