Publish your announcement with us to:

  • ** Reach tens of thousands of computer-literate Web users through our website
  • ** Send it directly to the mailbox of 11,000+ hand-picked subscribers of our opt-in subscription list
  • ** Get high exposure and response rate for a very reasonable price.

Regular Listing

Our fees for publishing regular announcements on Jobs.GE website and subscription list are as follows:

Flat fee per announcement: 30 lari.

This fee applies to a single announcement advertising 1 to 2 positions. If you would like to advertise more than 2 positions in a single announcement, the fees are as follows:

Over 2 positions per announcement: 50 lari.
Over 4 positions per announcement: 90 lari.
Over 6 positions per announcement: 130 lari.
Over 10 positions per announcement: 170 lari.
Over 15 positions per announcement: 200 lari.

Repeated publishing: 50% discount (except advertisements for commercial services, such as fee-based training).

Announcement may be re-published no later than 3 months from the previous publishing. Announcement should be re-published only in the original form and no more than twice within a month. The 50% discount will apply to only every other re-publishing.

Long-term advertisement plan:

10 announcements per year: 15% discount.
15 announcements per year: 20% discount.

Payment for the long-term advertisement plan should be made in advance. This plan does not apply to advertisements for commercial services and cannot be combined with any other discount.

No fee will be charged for local non-profit organizations working on children-related issues, except for VIP Listing.

Discount for all local non-profit organizations, free trainings and workshops, and scholarship and fellowship programs: 20%. The discount does not apply to VIP Listing.

VIP Listing

If you would like to ensure maximum visibility for your announcement, our VIP listing service is the way to go.

What you will get:

  • ** Your announcement will be published in the clearly marked top VIP list, which contains only seven fields. Your announcement will appear in the VIP list for 7 days. After expiration of the 7 day period, your announcement will be moved to the regular list, where it will remain until expiration of application deadline.
  • ** Your VIP announcement will be mailed to our subscription list with a VIP reference in subject line.
  • ** VIP clients will be granted a temporary * mailbox with extensive disk space, Web access, autoresponder and/or mail forwarding. Mail server based in US. Fully confidential.

Why choose VIP listing?

  • ** Your announcement will remain on the top for 7 days and grab maximum attention.
  • ** 11,000+ subscribers of our opt-in list will receive your announcement with a distinct VIP reference in subject line.
  • ** Use of our * mailbox will rid you of many headaches, such as exposure of your personal or business e-mail address to spammers and bounced messages due to limited disk space.
  • ** Our research shows that job seekers are generally skeptical about anonymous announcements, especially when the publisher indicates free Web-based e-mail (such as Yahoo or Hotmail) address as its only contact information. Our VIP listing service will make it clear that you mean business.

Flat fee per announcement in the VIP listing: 50 lari.

This fee applies to a single announcement advertising 1 to 2 positions. If you would like to advertise more than 2 positions in a single announcement, the fees are as follows:

Over 2 positions per announcement: 70 lari.
Over 4 positions per announcement: 110 lari.
Over 6 positions per announcement: 150 lari.
Over 10 positions per announcement: 190 lari.
Over 15 positions per announcement: 230 lari.

No other discount applies.

VIP listing is for job announcements only.

Logo in Listing

If your announcement is published in the regular list, but you would like to make it distinctive, place a small logo next to your company/organization title. This will immediately grab visitor attention. By clicking on your logo, visitors will be transferred to your website (if any) in a new window.

Advertise your logo on one of the most popular websites in Georgia for as low as 20 lari (added to any applicable fee). No discount applies.

The logo should be provided as 20px GIF image. Make sure that you provide the target URL as well, if applicable.

Publish an Announcement

To publish an announcement, send it via e-mail to: preferably in text-only format.

We reserve the right to correct minor grammatical errors and slightly reformat the text to make it more reader-friendly. All announcements will be formatted according to uniform standard. No exceptions will be allowed.

Announcements submitted via the contact mailform located on our website will be verified through e-mail to ensure their accuracy. If the purported sender fails to respond to such verification request, the announcement will not be published.

We don't publish announcements from Multi-Level Marketing companies. We also reserve the right to deny service to any employer that repeatedly fails or is unable to meet fair employment standards and to anyone involved in illegal operations.

Announcements without deadlines will be maintained on the website for the maximum period of one month.

Any employer that opts not to publicize its title and contact information should anyway provide us with such details, which will be kept strictly confidential.


All payments shall be made via bank transfer to the following account:

TBC Bank Central Branch
Code: 220101830
Account No. GE23TB0600000107467123
Payee: Jobs.GE LLC

Our Tax Code is 205035282.

Payment shall be made within 7 calendar days after receipt of respective invoice. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Questions? Contact Us.

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