Apr 17, 2013
eBay's HR Guru To Visit Georgia On 31st May
Annemie Ress, eBay's former HR Director and the woman whose work at eBay revolutionized the global HR industry will be conducting a one day interactive training on HR Innovation in Tbilisi on 31st May 2013.

"Annemie Ress, without doubt is one of Europe's biggest HR experts. Through her innovative strategies she achieved 98% employee satisfaction at eBay and we are very happy that she agreed to visit Georgia this May. I am confident that her interactive workshop will help regional HR professionals to understand but also implement the latest challenges as well as trends in the fast developing HR industry" says Kosta Petrov from the P World, the organizer of this training. Read More »
Oct 17, 2012
New Design, New Functions
Throughout the existence of, since 1998, we always been doing our best to keep a good balance between the functionality and simplicity of the website. Therefore, has been keeping a modest and functional design for years. Now, as we've changing the website design and adding a couple of new features, simplicity remains our top priority. Read More »
Dec 7, 2011
InSource - A New Player on Georgia's Recruitment Market
Throughout the existence of Jobs.GE, we've been asked numerous times whether our company provides headhunting service. Although we didn't have that service on our list, to us it has always been a matter of keen interest. Read More »
Jun 1, 2011
Star Your Favorite Ads
Our website is pretty dynamic. Old ads are quickly replaced by new ones. You may have spotted an interesting ad and wanted to save it for later. Read More »
Mar 2, 2011
Client Profile - All Client Ads on a Single Page
Most likely, you visit our website to find a job. You may have employer preferences, because some offer better pay and work conditions than others. In order to make it easier for you to view all job ads of your preferred employer on a single page, we've introduced a new feature called Client Profile. Read More »
Sep 27, 2010
VIP Listing - Now Only For 7 Days
In order to handle increased demand for VIP Listing and make it available to more clients without compromising its exclusivity, we have decided to limit the listing to 7 days. Starting from October 1, 2010, clients will be able to post their ads in VIP Listing only for 7 days, after which the ads will move to Regular Listing. Each client will be able to reserve maximum 2 places in VIP Listing at a time, depending on availability. Minimum interval between reservations will be 30 days. Read More »
May 5, 2010
The New $$ Icon for Salary
You've asked for it and we're giving it to you - a new icon on the front page listing to denote the job ads that clearly state the salary. Read More »
Oct 19, 2009
Resume don'ts
You may have read a number of resources about what a successful resume should look like, but it's equally important to know what a resume should NOT look like. We surveyed a couple of dozens of Human Resources Managers in Tbilisi about specific things that they disliked in a resume, and here is a list of the most frequent blunders: Read More »
Apr 24, 2009
New Banner Ad Space on Jobs.GE
Due to high demand, we are happy to launch a new banner ad space on The new spot will serve 125x125 square banners that are guaranteed to grab attention. Flash/SWF, GIF, JPG, PNG - we've got all formats covered. Read More »
Jan 28, 2009
Promote a Cause and Get 50% Off on Banner Advertisement
One more great offer from Jobs.GE: Design and advertise a non-commercial banner that promotes a good cause and we'll give you 50% off on banner advertisement.

This is how it works: Read More »
Jan 6, 2009 featured in "What? Where? When?" Super Finals
What? Where? When? - a popular TV show for intellectuals - held its super finals on January 2, 2009. One of the eleven questions asked during the show featured Read More »
Nov 14, 2008
VIP listing for 7 days
If you are familiar with our VIP listing service and have ever tried to use it, you would notice that due to high demand and limited number of fields, it's not an easy task. In addition, VIP listing is far more expensive than regular listing.

That's why we designed a new service: VIP listing for 7 days, only for 50 lari. Read More »
May 15, 2008
Top 5 Most Advertised Jobs in 2007
People often ask me to name the most needed professions nowadays. To provide this information to a wider audience, I decided to do a little research and came up with the list of the top 5 most advertised jobs on Jobs.GE in 2007. These statistics will be especially interesting for recent graduates and those planning to switch occupations or acquire a new profession. Read More »
Mar 22, 2008
VisualCV - Create and Share Your CV Online
VisualCV is a new exciting online service that lets users create and share their CV online. The advantage of VisualCV, as opposed to a regular CV created in Word or PDF format, is that it can be enriched with video, audio, charts, graphs, work samples, presentations, scanned documents and much more - all at one place. Read More »
Oct 29, 2007
Jobs.GE Featured in Marketing Manual
The Georgian Association of Marketing (GAMa), with the aid of the Eurasia Foundation, has published a popular marketing textbook, Marketing: An Introduction, by Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler in Georgian. GAMa has purchased a license from the publisher and has the exclusive right to publish this book in the Georgian language. Read More »
Aug 2, 2007
Hello and welcome to my blog!
Thanks for visiting. This blog will be updated around twice a month with useful advice for job seekers and updates on Georgian job market. Feel free to suggest topics and links at

New Jobs.GE - What's New

The new version of Jobs.GE website includes a number of new features, which have made the website more user-friendly and functional. Here's a complete list: Read More »